Apartment Construction

We have completed consultation with our residents, our Statutory Supervisor, and others within the wider community about a plan to build retirement and lifestyle apartments at 127 Kerikeri Road (the former Enz of the Earth property).

The two-storey apartment complex includes 30 one and two-bedroom apartments, plus three larger ‘premium’ two-bedroom units. 

The consultation process lasted for several weeks. All input was considered by the Board and several suggestions around accessibility, parking and care were incorporated into the design.

Construction will start towards the end of November and will take place in two stages; with the first 14 apartments ready for occupation by October 2018, and the balance completed early 2019.

The project has been financially modelled by a professional project management firm, and the financial model is based on a market assessment of pricing.

The apartments will help us stay abreast with developments in retirement living and aged care, ensuring that our Village remains relevant and competitive in the face of increased competition from other service providers.

Questions & Answers.

What’s this ‘changing need for retirement living and aged care services’ that you talk about?

  • The aged care sector is changing rapidly. People are living longer and are more active for longer. Society’s expectations of what the elderly can and should do with retirement are becoming less and less conservative and restricted.
  • All this adds up to mean that retirement communities are changing too - from being places where Mum and Dad went to live when they became too frail to look after themselves, to places where people go earlier in order to make the most of their well-earned retirements.
  • Kerikeri Retirement Village is embracing this change in the aged care sector by answering demand for apartment-style living, alongside our other living styles.
  • Our existing apartments, townhouses and cottages have served us well for many years but they are not sufficient to meet this growing - and changing - demand.
  • Adding apartments to our portfolio of accommodation options helps us meet the need for both full-service and flexible retirement and aged care.

We are a Charitable Trust, set up to serve the needs of our community. Thankfully, our community is growing, vibrant, unlike so many other parts of the Mid and Far North. Standing still would be the easy option. However we cannot serve the growing need for our services by standing still.

We are no longer the only game in town. If we don’t modernise, expand and enhance our offering, and upgrade our way of working to meet trends in the aged care sector, we will become irrelevant. People will not want to come here and we risk gently crumbling into obscurity. We don’t want that for this community’s flagship retirement and aged care facility. And we’re pretty sure you don’t either.

What is the consultation process?

The Board of Trustees is adamant that this is and must be a genuine process, with a feedback process for residents.

Next steps are to give you time to give us feedback by Friday 2 June 2017.

  • The architect has almost finished the detailed designs
  • All input, in whatever form it comes, will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees
  • Changes arising from input will be built into the plans
  • Pending residents’ approval, plans will be submitted for resource consent in early to mid-June

Feedback opportunities / channels

  • Conversations with Chief Executive Hilary Sumpter, Village Manager Frances Shaw, or Trustees Suzanne Brocx and John Baird are welcomed and encouraged
  • Phone, write to us or email us
  • Residents are also able to pass feedback through Statutory Supervisor Mike Hablous at Covenant Trustees

Plans are available for viewing on our website, or printed copies will be made available at Reception.

The project will have to be signed off by our Statutory Supervisor, at Covenant Trustees.

Contact Details:

Village Manager:  Frances Shaw
09-9295836 / frances@kerikerivillage.co.nz 

Chief Executive: Hilary Sumpter
027-2163123 / hilary@kerikerivillage.co.nz 

Chairman: John Baird
021-399937 / john@kerikerivillage.co.nz 

Trustee:  Suzanne Brocx
021-1543368 / round2it@xtra.co.nz 

What about noise or disturbance?

  • We said we’d be open, honest and genuine throughout this process so we must admit that it is inevitable that there will be some noise and disturbance.
  • We expect the construction phase of the project to last about 12months for Stage 1.
  • We have instructed our project managers, Kensway Group, to place a lot of attention on planning around minimising, deflecting or mitigating the audio and the visual effects of the construction work
  • Physical devices such as fencing and acoustic deflection will be used to offset these impacts
  • We will have more detail for you by the end of June on things like anticipated traffic movements, planned traffic flows, and mitigation/prevention measures for noise and visual impact. 

The apartments will be on the edge of the village. How will apartment residents be integrated with the rest of the village?

  • We are aware of the need to enable and encourage integration for those apartment residents who wish to be able to do so. We are still in the process of learning from places where this type of thing has already been done successfully and our village manager Frances Shaw will be in charge of putting these lessons into practice.
  • There will be a direct pedestrian and mobility scooter access from the Apartments into the Village

How many new people will this bring into the Village?

Our plans are based on an average of 1.27 people per apartment, so approximately 40 people.

What about parking for all these new residents?

  • We have built parking into the designs. We are working on an aged care sector model that says there will be a 60 percent demand for parking.
  • We will be instructing the architect to aim to develop a park for scooters to be built into the plans.
  • Parking for visitors has also been built into the plans.
  • There will be a one-way traffic system through the apartment complex from Ruatara Drive. 

What will the apartments look like?

  • Artists’ impressions and floor plans are available for you to look at. We have tried to ensure that the complex looks more like a large house than a typical ‘block’ of apartments.
  • The apartments will be light, warm and relatively spacious, featuring the very latest trends in design, fittings and furnishings.
  • The apartments will range in size from around 50 square meters to around 110 square meters. This is very much in line with best practice in similar retirement communities elsewhere and compares with 35 square meters for our Wendywood apartments, and between 75 square meters and 170 square meters for our cottages.
  • The building will be constructed with tilt-slab concrete and the external areas will feature a number of interesting design touches.
  • Solar power is being considered, along with lighting and heating technologies that will deliver the greatest efficiencies and the lowest environmental footprint
  • The second floor will be serviced by a lift and alternative access will be available.
  • Each apartment will have self-contained laundry facilities