Leading the way in local electric vehicle adoption

Earlier this month our residents completed training on how to book and use the vehicles; three Nissan Leafs. These will be known, perhaps inevitably, as our ‘Kevins’.

The fleet also comprises a fourth EV as the Village pool car.

KEVNS has been funded jointly and equally by the Kerikeri Village Trust and a $67,250 grant from the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund, administered by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA). We are extremely grateful to the EECA for their generosity.

You’ll see our branded EVs zipping through town with our residents at the wheel. Electric car sharing makes sense for them; they typically travel short distances and now no longer have to maintain their own vehicles.

When it comes to energy efficiency at the Village it doesn’t stop at cars. We are addressing the issue in all new developments and in some existing infrastructure. I’m frequently surprised by the interest in the topic among our residents. Recently I received a letter from one, urging me to look at our use of plastics in waste disposal – something we will do.