The Gift of Comfort

It can be hard for our elderly residents to find comfort and sleep. We urgently need new pressure-relieving mattresses. This is important because our care facility residents aren’t always well enough to move from side to side in bed. A donation towards a mattress will give the utmost comfort.

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Compassion in every turn

Help our residents get more sleep and comfort and the added benefits of:

  • Happier moods and mental health
  • Better appetite and the recovery benefits that come with eating more
  • Participating more in social activities and reducing loneliness.

How do air-tech mattresses help?

Air-technology mattresses are revolutionary in preventing and healing pressure sores without disturbing sleep. They work with a special pump that monitors movement and then inflates and deflates air to stop pressure building up in one area. Currently, our dedicated nurses and healthcare assistants ensure residents are frequently moved to prevent pressure injuries, a necessity that, while essential, can disrupt sleep. Air-tech mattresses are part of the solution, offering increased comfort and rest.

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Replace 30 mattresses

Each mattress: $5,000

Your gift brings restful nights.

Who we are

We are a non-profit retirement village, our care facility is open to the whole community, people can access our care regardless of their financial position.

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