Kerikeri Village


We need you!

We are the only non-profit, community-led aged care provider in Kerikeri. Our Village was developed by the community, for the community. We are looking for people to help residents in our Care Facility.

If you have some spare time and would like to make a difference to our people, we’d love to hear from you.

Even if you can only spare an hour a week, you could make a world of difference to our less physically able residents who are not able to get out often. A friendly face and a chat about what’s happening in the world can really brighten their day, especially if they don’t have a lot of family living nearby.

We don’t expect you to do any heavy lifting or take care of their physical needs, we have plenty of qualified staff on hand to take care of all that.

Simple tasks like helping some of our less able residents to read or write letters, arranging flowers or helping them select library books gives them something extra to look forward to.

There is so much to be had by spending time with our residents. The amount of life experience within our village is extraordinary, and fascinating to connect with. Conversations about earlier lives can be endlessly fascinating. Our volunteers tell us that they get as much enjoyment out of spending time with our residents as our residents get from their help and company.

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Thank you so much!

Volunteering – a two-way affair

Voluntary work with the elderly is a profoundly enriching experience that benefits not only the seniors but also enhances significantly the lives of volunteers.

For the elderly, the companionship and support provided by volunteers can combat feelings of loneliness and isolation, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Volunteers often become a source of emotional sustenance, offering a listening ear and sharing stories that bridge generational gaps. Through these interactions, seniors often discover renewed purpose and joy in their daily lives.

On the flip side, volunteers gain immeasurable personal growth from their experiences with the elderly. They develop empathy, patience and a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by older individuals. Younger volunteers can benefit enormously through the richness of the life experiences of the people they work with, and from the wisdom that comes with age.

We find that the reciprocal nature of these relationships means that our residents and volunteers alike flourish through shared moments of companionship, learning and mutual support. And have a great time along with a lot of laughs.

The spirit of volunteering is an important part of the glue that holds communities like Kerikeri together. From the emergency services to service organisations, so many people give of themselves for the benefit of the community.

Volunteers are a vital part of life at Kerikeri Retirement Village, too. We have more than 50 people, ranging from pre-schoolers to centenarians, delivering a range of services to our residents. But we’re on the hunt for more, so if you’re thinking of doing something a little different with your spare time these are some of the activities you could help with.

Please tick/check the boxes of any activities you would be able to help with, complete the contact details section, press ‘submit’ – and we’ll do the rest. Just sit back and wait for our call.

Volunteering activity

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Reading aloud to older individuals who have sight impairments offers a shared experience, stimulates memories, and provides comfort.

Letters, emails and texts are important for helping the elderly stay connected with friends and family. But for some of our residents, the effort involved is far too great, with the result that – slowly – they start to disconnect from others in their lives. Volunteers can help by stepping in to either write or read on behalf of our residents.

Flower arranging with those of our residents who are missing their blooms and gardens. It's a meaningful and accessible outlet for self-expression that our volunteers can oversee and help with.

Playing card games with our residents is an experience – we have some card sharks in here! Card games can stimulate fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Additionally, the enjoyment and laughter derived from these games contribute to emotional well-being and overall mental health.

Kerikeri Retirement Village has some amazing gardens for residents to enjoy. Assisted walking in these areas provides gentle exercise for those less mobile members of our community, promoting physical health and flexibility. Exposure to nature and sunlight is a definite mood enhancer.

Otherwise known as ‘a good chat’! Our residents’ memories are vivid and there’s so much to learn from them. Tears of laughter are not uncommon here.

Are you a dab hand with a brush – with which to paint nails? A nice gentle hand massage with a good hand cream is always gratefully received. You may other skills or ideas for pampering our residents?

This is a sensory chair that helps calm, soothe and comfort residents in our care unit, particularly dementia patients. Volunteers sit with residents during this experience to provide help and company.

Do you have musical skills? Can you come to the Village and play your instrument, sing songs with residents... cut a jig even? Music is a universal language – let us know what you can do.

Our events organisers and activity coordinators run a busy and varied calendar of events, frequently requiring additional help and support – either in an organisational capacity or in the area of practical assistance or mobility support. Volunteers are quite often asked to take part in excursions and off-site visits.

If there’s anything our care facility residents look forward to more than the tea trolley, it’s the cheerful face of the person pushing it. This your chance for a chat and a natter, getting to know some of our residents and bringing a little of the outside world into the care facility.

Kerikeri Retirement Village maintains a library from which residents can withdraw books. Our volunteers typically help residents to select books to read based on the residents’ interests and capabilities.