Kerikeri Village

Car Sharing

We operate a car-sharing scheme for residents comprising a fleet of three electric Nissan Leaf vehicles. The scheme is known as KEVNS, or the Kerikeri Electric Vehicle Network for Seniors.

The cars are extremely easy to drive but our staff will run a training session for any resident who wants to use a vehicle for the first time.

They are available to any Village resident with a driver’s licence. They can be booked by the half-hour or for an entire day. Booking is easy and managed by our reception staff.

Our cars are ideal for short runs around town, to the many tourism and leisure attractions around the District, or even for trips to Whangarei or further afield.

Car sharing makes all sorts of sense for many of our residents who typically travel only short distances. Now they no longer have to worry about the expense of owning and maintaining their frequently under-used combustion-engine vehicles.

And, being electric, the cars contribute to greater energy efficiency both in Kerikeri generally and specifically at the Village, where energy efficiency measures are being introduced in all new developments and in some of the existing infrastructure.


For more information call 09 407 0070 or click here.