Kerikeri Village

Care FAQs

Below is a list of common enquiries. Click on the question that interests you to reveal the answer. If you need any further information please click on the ‘contact us’ button at the foot of the page and we’ll answer your question as soon as possible.

Can we retain our own doctor?

We work with all three local GP Practices.

How can my parent arrange for an assessment to be undertaken?

Your parent can get an assessment in a number of ways:

  • They can visit their General Practitioner who will refer them to an NDHB Assessor. If your parent is in hospital, a nurse will arrange an appointment with the Assessor; or
  • You can contact the Assessors and make an appointment yourself. Phone the Needs Assessment Service at Whangarei Base Hospital (09 43 4100) and ask to speak to a Needs Assessor; or
  • You can also ask a Social Worker or an organisation such as Age Concern ( / to contact an Assessor for you.


How much will it cost to stay in the Care Facility?

A full list of charges is available in our Information Pack, available from reception or ring our Clinical Manager.

How do I know if I am eligible for a fee subsidy?

The fee subsidy is needs assessed.  To find out more contact the Social Work/Needs Assessor at Bay of Islands Hospital or Senior Line for details. For Senior Line phone 0800 725 463 or go to

What is the difference between a premium and a standard room?

Both our Rest Home (Paterson Wing) and Hospital (Robinson Wing) have premium rooms, which include a full ensuite with a shower. In Paterson Wing most of the premium rooms are larger than standard rooms and have their own ensuite and an external door to a paved area.

How do I give feedback or make a complaint?

We welcome feedback on our services in the form of suggestions, compliments, concerns and complaints as they help us to keep improving our services.  Compliment/Feedback and Concern/Complaint forms are available to Reception and when completed can be handed in to Reception.

How do I arrange to take my parent out during the day or overnight?

Outings need to be discussed with the Registered Nurse to ensure any scheduled treatments are considered and any scheduled medications are taken with you.

Overnight stays need to be organised in advance to make the process as smooth as possible for our resident.

What are the different levels of care that Kerikeri Retirement Village offers?

We offer permanent Rest Home, Dementia and Hospital level care.  To be eligible for a permanent cared bed the person will need to be formally assessed by the Needs Assessment Team at the Northland District Health Board (NDHB).

We also offer a range of short stay, carer support and respite options.

What are the visiting hours?

There are no set visiting hours however the busiest time of the day is between 8-11am during the residents’ morning care.

When is the main meal served?

Our main meal is at lunch time, which is served at noon.

Are there church services available?

Yes there are church services every Sunday at 4pm.  These are interdenominational and are hosted by the local churches.  Kerikeri Retirement Village also has a Chaplain who can meet with residents and their families when needed.

Are activities provided?

A wide range of regular activities are offered to our residents as well as themed activities throughout the year.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Kerikeri Retirement Village supply a bed, bedside table and a comfortable chair.  We are more than happy if the resident wishes to bring their own chair and a small piece of furniture.

Do you supply a television?

No.  We recommend a 22” or small, flat screen television.

Can residents have a telephone in their room?

All our rooms in the Paterson Wing have a phone jack point.  You will be charged a set monthly fee.

Can I have the NZ Herald delivered?

Contact NZ Herald and they will deliver to Kerikeri Retirement Village and our staff will distribute to the resident’s room.

Do you have a laundry service?

Yes, we contract the local laundry service to take care of our laundry, however their washing machines are industrial machines therefore we advise families and residents to not bring fine fabrics into the facility unless family members are prepared to take them home and wash them.

Do we need to bring in bed linen and towels?

No.  Sheets and towels are supplied.

Do you offer physiotherapy?

We have a Registered Physiotherapist on staff.  Evaluation and planning of treatment is done by a Registered Physiotherapist.

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