Village electric vehicle scheme takes to the road


The scheme is known as the Kerikeri Electric Vehicle Network for Seniors (KEVNS) and is open to any Village resident with a driver’s licence. Family members of Village residents who have registered for the scheme will also be eligible to drive if the resident is in the vehicle.

Residents have completed training on how to book and use the vehicles; three Nissan Leafs. They can be booked by the half-hour or for an entire day.

The fleet also comprises a fourth EV as the Village staff pool car.

Chief Executive Hilary Sumpter says electric car sharing makes “all sorts of sense” for residents who typically travel short distances and will have the option not to own and maintain a frequently under-used combustion-engine vehicle. Car-sharing is a way to reduce transport costs for residents and increase energy efficiency both in Kerikeri generally and specifically at the Village, where energy efficiency measures are being introduced in all new developments and in some of the existing infrastructure.

Ultimately we hope to expand the car-sharing operation to include non-residents. Eventually we plan to expand our fleet and to replace our van and buses with EVs.