Retirement trends drive change

Here’s a startling fact. Far North District Council demographic statistics tell us that within 20 years the number of people living in Kerikeri aged 80-plus will have quadrupled.

Here’s another wee factoid: people moving into dedicated ‘retirement communities’ are doing so at increasingly younger ages. People are living and are more active for longer, so the attraction of cashing up early and moving into fully-serviced accommodation, with fixed monthly costs, is entirely understandable.

Especially as retirement communities are evolving rapidly to become low-maintenance, high quality lifestyle ‘resorts’ where different medical and care services will come to your door as and when you need them, rather than you having to go to them.

This is why we’re expanding the range of accommodation we offer at Kerikeri Retirement Village. Assuming we get the consents we need, we plan to build Kerikeri’s first double-storey apartment complex. This will comprise a mix of 30 retirement and lifestyle apartments, with Stage 1 possibly operational by October next year.

This development will help ensure that our community retirement village, backed by quality medical care and aged care facilities, remains relevant and competitive in the years ahead.

With some planning and joined up thinking by all involved, retirement living and aged care could become a major growth industry for this part of New Zealand.