Official audits open rest homes to scrutiny

There was some quiet celebration at Kerikeri Retirement Village earlier this month. Our Ministry of Health Rest Home Certification has been extended for a further four years following an outstanding audit with no corrective actions required.

All rest homes and aged residential care facilities in NZ are certified and audited to ensure they provide safe, appropriate care for their residents, and meet the standards set out in the Health and Disability Services (Safety) Act 2001.

Certification is then extended for two, three or four years – depending on the outcome of the audit. Most extensions are for three years, and come with a list of improvements that need to be made. Two-year extensions normally indicate some level of concern on the part of MoH inspectors so if your rest home has had one or more two-year extensions recently, it might be worth paying some attention to the detail and the corrective actions required.

We know from discussions with the families of our care residents that independent, impartial reviews of rest homes are hugely important when it comes to making decisions about where to place their loved ones. So, did you know that you can view these certifications, and the corrective actions they call for, on the Ministry of Health website? Just go to and type ‘Rest Home Audits’ into the search box.