Stopping the round of ‘musical beds’ in aged care

Anyone who’s moved a loved one from independent living into a rest home, and then into total care, will understand the trauma of shifting that person’s life from place to place.

However, there is now a trend in the aged care sector towards ‘aging in place’. This means that as you age, and your care needs become more acute, care comes to you rather than the other way around. This may be in your own home or within a ‘care suite’ in a rest home.

‘Home’ is an important and comforting concept to us all, particularly those in their twilight years. It’s something we are mindful of at Kerikeri Retirement Village, along with the idea of aging in place, as we plan our future. 

As with any rest home, ensuring that we always have enough beds in our care facility for our growing population is challenging. So we are developing ways we can work that will help us deal more effectively with this in the short term.

Long term, the solution lies in ensuring that residents can have the option of bringing all levels of care directly to their bed-sides. Instead of shifting their beds or requiring them to leave their homes. Because helping our elderly to live their lives as they want to live them, and with dignity and peace of mind, is important.