A busy August

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the almost spring-like days we’ve had through the month.  Leanna and the gardening team have been flat out getting ready for the new season.  They’ve also been advertising for a new person to join them to help manage their increased workload and hopefully Leanna will be soon be able to introduce you to a new team member.

We’re all aware that there is increasing pressure on our Care Facility, and that beds here may not be as readily available as we’d like it to be. We are working on several solutions the first step of which will be to establish a plan to provide extra care in your home, should a bed not be available when you need one.  We will be initiating a service to enable ‘sleepovers’ in your home when you need them.  We know this won’t be the ideal solution for everyone but it will be very helpful for others and while we develop a more thorough service to ensure that help is there for you when they need it.  We are looking at having the sleepover service in place in October.

I hope you’ve all been enjoying the shenanigans around the General Election.  It’s certainly livened up over the past few weeks; you have to wonder what will happen between now and the actual polling day.  Not long to go and life can settle back down to normal.

We were really thrilled that Blair Tuke took time out of his absolutely crazy schedule to spend time with us on Friday, August 25th.  What a fabulous young man he is with all his achievements and I was really touched that with only a few days home in Kerikeri, and New Zealand, he chose to spend some time at the Village.

Keep an eye out for the next speaker in our series on monthly Fridays in the Social Centre.  Please don’t forget to send suggestions our way if you have any ideas for speakers.

The Christmas Parade and the Waimate Show are looming for us.  We’d really like to get suggestions for a theme for our Parade entry. So if you have some ideas, or you have a creative hand and would like to be part of the organising team, let us know.  Last year Oak Ridge won the Parade - we’d best prepare ourselves to share first place with them this year at the very least!

I’ll look forward to sharing more updates with you again later in September, when Spring will really be with us.