Augmented Intelligence now a reality in aged care

Imagine having a medical check whenever you get up in the morning. Well, that future is here and it’s going to do wonders for aged care.

The technology is already in place overseas to take temperature, blood and pulse readings by pressing your thumb against a sensor.

Augmented Intelligence (AI) is enhancing the lives of the elderly through technology and enabling them to maintain their independence for longer. AI such as Apple’s ‘Siri’ and Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ is well on its way to providing ‘smart home’ solutions which could include reminding dementia patients about what to do next, checking you’ve taken your new medicine and prompting if not, or simply raising the alarm if you don’t respond to a scheduled welfare enquiry.

It’s not about stripping out the humanity from care. It’s about augmenting humanity to improve care levels.

It’s something we at Kerikeri Retirement Village are already preparing to build into our systems and infrastructure. I wrote recently about how Robyn the Robot is ensuring the accuracy of our residents’ meds. And about how what we’re moving as quickly as we can towards an ‘aging in place’ service model so that our residents don’t have to move home continually as they become increasingly frail.

AI is central to this idea of allowing people to continue functioning in their own spaces as they get older. And it’s wonderful.