Advance Care Planning will speak for you when you can’t

At Kerikeri Retirement Village we understand that the subject of preparing for possible debilitating illness or death can be quite confronting. That said, an Advance Care Plan will ensure that others understand your wishes regarding your medical treatment and ongoing care, even if you can’t speak for yourself.

 It’s relatively easy to create and documents things like any treatment you don’t want, any likes or dislikes, and your beliefs and values. It only comes into effect should you lose the ability to communicate or make decisions about your medical care

 An Enduring Power of Attorney for someone you trust completely to act only with your best interests in mind is the other half of the equation. This person should have a copy of your Advance Care Plan, as should your doctor, your family and, if appropriate, your retirement village or aged care facility’s medical records administrator.

Here’s the legal bit! Don’t take my word for it. If this is something you think you should do please talk about it with your family, doctor and lawyer.